303 Aerospace Protectant

We all want to keep our rides looking good and major headaches are places made of rubber, vinyl, and plastic. For example, a real sore spot for me is the rubber gasket that seals the removable top on my coupe. It looks pretty bad when the top is not mounted, dull and discolored by the dielectric grease I used to use to kill squeaks. (But see the writeup on AC Delco's Super Lube elsewhere here.) I was moaning about this to Vette Sette member Gerry Winey recently and he told me about this stuff: 303 Aerospace Protectant. He swears by it and uses it on everything but paint and leather in his coupe. He cautions against using on seats or a leather-wrapped steering wheel because, like some other products, it makes a very slippery surface. I haven?t used it yet but I have placed an order for a bottle.

You can find more information about it on the manufacturer?s site at http://goo.gl/Z530K3. It?s available on Amazon and other online outlets.


User's Report: From Kent Lundgren, 7/29/2016. After Tuesday Breakfast a few weeks ago Gerry Winey gave a few of us a demonstration of this stuff. (He has no financial or business interest in it; he's just a user.) After seeing it in use I ordered a quart. My desired result from it was that it clean up the appearance of the rubber weatherstripping referred to in the product introduction above. In brief, after three easy, rub-on applications over the course of a couple weeks the nasty appearance brought on by use of dielectrict grease is gone. The weatherstripping now has a good, near-new appearance. As to its protectant properties, I cannot venture a guess yet but Gerry, who has used it for years, says it has worked well for him. Thank you, Gerry.

AC Delco Super Lube - A Cure for Squeaks

Dielectric grease is commonly suggested for stopping squeaks in that roof interface area and it works pretty well for a while. However, it does discolor and stain the rubber (turns it booger gray.) There is a GM product, available at the Chevrolet parts counter,that's made specifically for the purpose of lubing such surfaces. It is a cleaner product than dielectric grease, doesn't stain the rubber, and it lasts longer between applications. As I recall, the tube I bought a year ago was around $17. It's worth it 'cause it works. 

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