#2 Squeaks, Creaks, and Groans

A frequent complaint by coupe owners is the noises that are generated by the friction induced by body flex between the removable top and the windshield frame and/or bow. (For you Corvette Coupe newbies, the "bow" is that arch of bodywork over your head. The term has no nautical implications.). I was plagued by several such creaks and squeaks (I heard no groans, but my ears are bad.)

Drawing on that bottomless source of (occasionally specious) information called the Internet, specifically the Corvette Forum, I slathered copious quantities of dielectric grease on the mating surfaces, primarily the weather stripping. It stopped the noises - for a short while, measurable by a clock, not a calendar. It also stained the black weather stripping a nauseating booger gray, as seen in the accompanying photo.

Then, someone (I can't remember who, but bless him!) turned me on to AC Delco Super Lube, available at a GM parts counter for under $20 at this writing.

And what I found in the process of using it was the the primary source of creaks and squeaks in my car (see * below) was the area indicated by the arrow in the photo. So, my ultimate treatment is to use the Super Lube in a thin coat on the whole flat surface there AND in a thin coat in the pin sockets in the bow. So far, the solution holds up for calendar-length periods of time.

As to the weather stripping - see the writeup under Tip #1, titled Aerospace Protectant 303. I use that in lieu of a true lubricant on the weather stripping.

* ...in my car...  Another potential source of such noises are the latches. That will be dealt with in a later addition to this page.

By Kent Lundgren, 8/7/2016