2016, November 19 - Driveout to Chilleen's on 17

DESTINATION: Chilleen's on 17, a BBQ Joint at Exit 244 - Black Canyon City.
 The crowd of 17 cars gathered at 10:30a.m. on the east side of Prescott Valley, just off Highway 69. It was an outstanding Arizona November day; severe clear and a temperature in the high 50s at the moment of gathering. Because everyone was there by 10:50 (departure was scheduled for 11:00)  the group rolled early.

The colorful string was broken a couple times at traffic lights but by the time we were halfway to Mayer everyone was pretty much together, and thanks to cooperative attitudes on the part of the drivers, we held a loose formation all the way to the destination.

We pulled into Chilleen's a little ahead of schedule and were joined there by a final car which came up from Phoenix, making a total of 18 in the parking lot. We may have been ahead of schedule but we didn't catch the staff napping; they were set up and waiting on the patio as per our arrangement with them. Because of two cars added to our roster at the last minute they were a table short on seating but they quickly dragged up a couple more tables and chairs. The sweet weather continued, with the temperature rising in the shade of the ramada to about 82: very nice. Being outside also had another benefit: the crowd noise had room to

The writer heard no complaints about the food; everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. The staff was attentive and courteous, despite being hard pressed and kept running by our numbers (34) versus theirs (3.) By 1:30 or so, everyone had eaten their fill, so we headed on down the road.

There were enough favorable comments about the length of the drive and the food we found at the end that the writer expects to suggest the trip again come spring, before the heat hi
  1. Lundgren,
  2. Foshee,
  3. Broadston,
  4. Winey,
  5. Robinson,
  6. O’Connor,
  7. Weiss,
  8. Dittmer,
  9. Muscat,
  10. Brenner,
  11. Hay,
  12. Anderson,
  13. Franz,
  14. Archambault,
  15. J. Jones,
  16. Banks
  17. Petsche
  18. Hayes/Reale (coming from PHX,)