Sedona Drive-out, Sept. 4, 2016

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On the morning of Sunday, September 4, eleven PVS Corvettes, led by Al Weiss, pulled out of the Dairy Queen, which was our meeting place. Fifteen minutes later, as we passed the Yavapai County Fairgrounds, we were joined by five more Club cars, then one more addition further along.

I had expected more than usual traffic due to the holiday weekend, but that did not happen on our way to Jerome; it was pretty easy for the group to stay together.  As we reached the Mingus summit Sheila commented that we had not seen another vehicle going our way.  Ha! Two minutes later we caught up with a pickup truck doing no more than 25 MPH!  Every time we came to a turn-out, I honked the horn and motioned for the driver to pull over, which he never did.  My "requests" were answered by a middle finger salute!! 

As it turned out, the frustratingly slow pace helped all of us stay together. The rest of the drive was uneventful and luck was with us at traffic signals, which also helped in keeping the group together. Even with the slow pace, we arrived at the Sedona Airport one-half hour earlier than planned. 

The restaurant had four tables set up for us and the service was good considering our large group (31 members).  The food was good, as was the comradeship with fellow Club members. After lunch we went our separate ways home.

Report by Sheila Weiss