November 11, 2016.

We honor all our veterans. We celebrate with those who are here with us and give thanks that they are - and we give thanks also, and quietly grieve for those who cannot be.
Thanks to a quick-thinking member who realized that no one was taking pictures, we do have a few photos, shot on the fly as we were preparing to roll out.

The PVS Corvettes were the next-to-last group in the parade, behind the Patriot Disposal garbage collection truck. Just ahead of the truck, and out of sight from us, were three of the rodeo royalty on their horses. One driver wondered which of the two ahead of us would have given us the better view.

The day was just what one would want for a parade: clear and slightly warm. The crowd was happy and flags waved by the hundred.

While parade participants staged in several streets northeast of downtown, the actual parade route began at Willis and Cortez Streets, wound around the courthouse onto Montezuma, and ended upon arriving at Willis and Montezuma. The drive took no more than 20 minutes at a slow walking pace. Then the participants broke out of the crowd and headed for Augie's restaurant.