#7 Locked out? Lost your fob? Left it at Home?

This technique has worked for several members. It was told to Your Editor by two members who had used it.

Y.E. has tested it at home and it works for him. 

It calls for a cell phone in your hand and one of your fobs and a phone in the hands of a Cooperative Person (CP) whom you will reward at some future time. 

  • Stand next to your car, cell phone in hand.
  • Call your CP, who has access to a fob of yours and tell them of your sad situation.
  • Stay on the line; DON'T HANG UP. (You'd be surprised what  people do.)
  • Stay close to your car door.
  • Have the other person hold the fob close to the phone and click the UNLOCK button on the fob.
If the angels choose to smile on you, the door will unlock and you're in. 
Okay, so now you're in. How are you going to start it without the fob?
Your Editor has not found a remote start process similar to what got you in, so you need a fob again.
The fob system allows the use of up to four fobs, so Y.E. suggests keeping a spare wrapped in aluminum foil in one of the cubbies or some other discrete place. Once in the car, pop the lid with the button on the dash, unwrap the fob, and motor on down the road.