The following material is an extract from the Corvette Forum.


Here is a most interesting post regarding the Bowling Green Plant update.... including an hour of walkthru by Kai Spande, the Plant Manager, including the videos (you can download them from You Tube) of the plant and a fender that came through the new paint shop done in the new Sebring Orange Tintcoat .

Not a real tour, but the next best thing.


Here is an important bit of information that was also learned in Q & As with Kai...

They are going to operate both old and new paint shops in parallel for a period of time. This is costly so they will try to shorten this simultaneous operation as quickly as possible.

Arctic White is the first color to be painted in the new shop, followed by Race Yellow because it uses white as its base

No particular car will have panels painted in both the old and new paint shops

All other colors will be transitioned to the new shop as quickly as possible based on popularity (past sales and new orders). Red, Black and Watkins Glen have been mentioned as the colors to be transitioned after white and yellow. If you have already ordered one of the colors other than white and yellow, there is a pretty good chance those panels will be painted in the old paint shop when the plant opens back up in November.

I think I heard or read that their plan is to have 1/2 of the available colors transitioned by end of 2017 or early 2018

The Sebring Orange color orders will all be painted in the new paint shop

They have a supply of some number of panels that were already painted in the old paint shop that are being kept in stock to use if necessary if problems are encountered in the new paint shop, but I suspect that these already painted panels were created and being stocked to satisfy customer warranty claims that may arise. As we know from the forum there have been some unhappy customers because of quality defects that occurred. The problem with the edge between the front bumper and the fenders come to mind.