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Corvette Performance


Corvette Suspensions

An article in LSX online magazine on the strengths of the different types: leaf, which is stock, and coil over shocks, which are a significant mod to the suspension. Each has its advantages.

HP Tuners and Vitesse Throttle Controller - Installation and Use
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2008 Corvette Coupe, automatic, Z51 
Nov 1, 2016
by Kent Lundgren
These are performance modifications that make a noticeable increase in performance and sporting driveability. The HP Tune ($800) modifies engine and transmission elements. The Vitesse ($180) is a plug and play module that increases the quickness (or lag) of throttle response, depending on how you set it up. Installation is a 20-minute amateur wrench job; once installed, it is adjustable on the fly. I call the Vitesse unit the best sub-$200 mod you can make to your Corvette.

Road & Track Road Test Comparisons

This link will take you to a  road test comparison chart  by R&T magazine. It lists all the Corvettes they have tested, along with published data (engine size, HP, TQ, etc) and their own test data. Courtesy of Road & Track magazine.