21st Century Car Show
  I am Charles Hicks, as a member of the most recent graduating class from Prescott High School I would like to present the 21st Century Car Show. It is a first ever car show on July 14th in downtown Prescott, of which will raise money for the Prescott Unified School District.  
     Annualy observing your shows on the plaza really is a treat, and it is evident that your club is chalked full of dedicated car enthusiasts. You have the kind of people that I'd love to be a part of my show. The flyer for the 21st Century Car Show is below, and it has all the information that I'd like for you to send out to your members. My show is fully sponsored, already has cars from Ferrari to Mustang, and with your top notch Corvettes it will truly make it one to remember. 
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing them there!


                            Looking Glass Corvette Assocation

      August 23-26, 2018




November 10, 2018