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These tips come from a variety of sources. Some come from your fellow club members and some from published sources recommended by them or others. When possible, your editor will identify the source. The tips do not necessarily constitute professional advice, so approach with caution. If it is mechanical or driving advice and if you are one of those souls who can cross-thread a ketchup bottle cap or are a frequent entrant in the Arizona Demolition Derby and Ditch Driving Rodeo (you know who you are,) gently close the page, move away from the keyboard, and seek help before proceeding.


Corvette Performance Articles

Index to General Tips and Articles 

#7 Getting in with no fob. Here's a useful hack, courtesy of two Daves.
#6 Oil viscosities are changing. This is a link to a Blackstone Labs article. Blackstone is one of the major sources for oil analysis - the writer used their services for years to keep up with the condition of his Harleys. If you don't have your oil analyzed you don't really see what's happening (especially if it's bad) in your engine. This article reveals what Blackstone is finding with the car manufacturers trend to thinner oil in pursuit of improved gas mileage. 

#5 Installing weather stripping This is a link to a how-to blog on the Eckler's Corvette site. While owners of late-model Corvettes don't often have to replace weather stripping, sometimes we must tack it back in place.

#4 Fixing Paint Chips - an amateur-possible job.

#3 Squeaks, Creaks, and Groans - how to stop noises from your removable top.

#2 AC Delco Super Lube - a nonstaining, light grease.

#1 303 Aerospace Protectant - good for your surfaces.

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