The Good Guys and Gals

The Good Guys and Gals
Good Places to Get Stuff Done

Here, we will publish compliments (and only compliments; no complaints*) to businesses that provide service or goods beyond what we normally expect. Naturally, each entry must identify the business and where it is located, preferably with a phone number and website. The member submitting the kudo must provide more that a simple "Great guys" comment if the review is to be meaningful. The opinion should be supported with an approximate date of service, the nature of the service (i.e. new brakes; fixed a busted whatever, etc.) and then a short narrative saying what made the service exceptional. "Sign" it with your name at the end. Email it to me at the address below and I'll spell-check it and then get it up on this page with a sequence number and date for reference .
I've prepared the first one as an example.

* In the last couple years a new trend in lawsuits has arisen wherein people (and by extension, their sponsoring websites or organizations) are held liable for damages caused by unfavorable online reviews. Yes, truth is an absolute defense against a slander charge but we'd rather not have to go to court to prove that a bad review was true. Therefore, because of the legal liabilities inherent in bad reviews we will not publish them.


1. 6/30/2016.  Sun Valley Tire and Auto Service, 8337 East State Rte 69, Prescott Valley, (928)772-9118,
The proprietor, Don Otto, is a Vette Sette member. In January of this year I needed four tires, four shocks, new brake pads and rotors all the way 'round for my '08 Corvette Coupe. Don got me in and out as scheduled. In addition to the work on the order the mechanic spent some time searching out an annoying rattle. The price out the door was precisely as quoted and substantially less than that offered by a local dealer.
Kent Lundgren

2. 8/3/2016.

Sun Valley Tire and Auto Service, 8337 East State Rte 69, Prescott Valley, (928)772-9118,
(Ed Note: what follows are the closing lines of a longer, laudatory review. I have edited it for length.)

My problem was an intermittent miss. I had worries about the diagnostic bill going sky high as these are very hard to pin down. When I got the bill for my perfectly running car it was obvious that the vast majority of the bill was for parts and his labor time and rate ($60/hrs for veterans!) were very reasonable.  
I'd recommend Don without reservation.
Dave Foshee

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