Prescott Vette Sette  - a brief history

Dawn Wassem.The Prescott Vette Sette Corvette Club (PVS) was the brainchild of JoAnn Waddell and Mary Turner. 

JoAnn owned a '95 Coupe and Mary owned a '98 Coupe, and in September of 2000 they decided the area needed a club for like-minded drivers.

To be sanctioned by the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) required a minimum of twelve members, so they recruited their spouses and an additional dozen folks to come up with a crew.  The original founding members were:

JoAnn & John Waddell

Mary & Scott Turner

Laura & Larry Greseth

Alfie & Butch Katheder

Bill & Mitzi Johnston

Cliff & Nancy Pollay

Leonard Pettit

They were joined the following month by Ed & Lorraine Elfenbein and Nancy Camrud.

The first officers of the club served two year terms: JoAnn Waddell as President, Mary Turner as Vice-President, Laura Greseth as Secretary, and Alfie Katheder as Treasurer. The club started a newsletter in 2001 with Nancy Camrud as Editor and Chief.

Subsequent Presidents have been:

2017  Rick Grey (Current President)

2016  Jay Lower

2015  Rick Anderson

2014  Connie Grey

2013  Jerry Jones

2012  Dan Fennessy

2011  Dan Fennessy (finished Jan Creech's term) 

2011  Jan Creech (resigned Feb 18, 2011)

2010  Phil Muscat

2009  David Weinroth

2008  Pat Lynch

2007  Mike Devlin

2006  Dick Besser

2005  Bill Cobb (finished Bill Bake's term)

2004  Bill Baker (resigned midyear)

2003  Butch Katheder

2002  JoAnn Waddell

2001  JoAnn Waddell

2000  JoAnn Waddell

The club's first drive-out was to Yarnell, Arizona for lunch with eight Corvettes participating. Numerous drive-outs and Wednesday night social activities followed.

Along with the social activities of PVS, the club donates annually to local charities, the Annual Car Show being the primary fund raiser. Some of the charities that have benefited from the club's donations are: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Horses with Heart, Stepping Stones, Yavapai Humane Society, Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary and Prescott Firefighter Charities. Visit "Car Show History" for details

Note: This PVS Club information was gathered from numerous active and past members of the Prescott Vette Sette by Jerry Jones. Should you have additional information or supportive corrections, please contact Jerry Jones at